Queen Pengu’s Fishes

One day Queen Pengu wanted something to eat. She wasn’t sure what the thing was, but she knew it needed to be different and yummy.

She asked Fluffy if he knew something that was yummy. Fluffy always thought the fish that swam nearby were yummy and asked if Queen wanted to try them.

Fluffy gathered the other Pengus and they caught many fish for Queen. Queen asked the Pengus what fish were the most yummy.

One Pengu said that raw fish was best and suggested a yummy sushi roll.

The second Pengu insisted that fish tasted best when it was smoked and offered to smoke the fish he caught for her.

The third Pengu said that fire roasted fish was best and began building a fire and spit for the fish.

Queen took a bite of each fish.

The fire roasted fish was flaky and mellow and made her feel nice and warm.

The smoked fish was a little tough, but it had a yummy flavor and she liked the smell of the wood used to smoke it.

The sushi fish was a little chewy, but it was also delicious and she could taste the sea the fish lived in.

She was happy her friends cared so much that they went to all the trouble to prepare their favorite fishes. ┬áSo when the other Pengus asked her what the most yummy fish was, she said “They are all yummy fish and I am very happy. But, the yummiest fish, is the one made with love and shared with friends.”

And the Pengus sat together and ate the sushi, the smoked fish and the fire roasted fish in a big feast as friends.