Hello Fluffy!

Once the land was covered in ice. The ice was everywhere and it was cold and dark. But things lived on the land. They lived above the ice, under the ice and in the ice. In one of these places was a place where lots of Penguins lived. They called “Fluff Town”, because the snow there was especially soft and fluffy.

In Fluff Town there were many Penguin nests and in each nest there were eggs.

One day, one of the eggs hatched. The baby was a fluffy fuzzy little Penguin. All baby Penguins are fluffy and fuzzy, but this one was incredibly fluffy and fuzzy, so the Penguins named him “Fluffy”.

The next day, another egg hatched and another fluffy fuzzy little Penguin was born. She was incredibly fluffy and fuzzy, but she was tiny and pretty like a princess so the Penguins named her “Queen”.